DESINARE: a fascinating and unique place…

We unfold our carnet d’adresses for a new reference: a suggestion for you to visit a unique and original place, contemporary and traditional at the same time, a cooking school but also the right place for food and wine tastings, social occasions, corporate events, presentations, and a shop of tableware and cooking utensils, that’s DESINARE.

Located in the same premises of the well-known workshop created by Riccardo Barthel, maybe the most fascinating and evocative workshop of Florence, born where the ancient knowledge of the artisans meets the modern sense of beauty and where, still today, some of the most exclusive projects of interior design are made, DESINARE has been conceived as an “extension” of this fine home world: an amazing place to meet and celebrate the pleasures of the art of the table.

After a cooking course, a table setting course or a King-like banquet skillfully prepared for you by DESINARE‘s Chefs, you can nurture your curiosity by visiting the Barthel workshops, still handling materials of the past with wisdom.

Ask more information through our Head Concierge Alessandro Becattini Tel. +39.055.245247